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Co/studio : “the first portable studio”


Co/studio is a system of products that redefines conventionally static work culture by empowering you to work on the go.

Turn any space into your own personal workstation – creating structure, offering repose, and sparking inspiration – all at a size that fits in your everyday carry.

“Mobile working is becoming a norm”


Technology today has revolutionized the way we work. The modern-day professional is more productive than ever before, we’re no longer bound to our offices, but able to accomplish almost everything through our smartphones, tablets, and laptops –  wherever we are.



But working on-the-go also comes at a high cost – battery drainage, clutter, lack of privacy and everyone’s greatest fear: no power outlets!!  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring all the conveniences of working from our homes and offices with us no matter where we go?

“visual guidance”


Reflect our modern work culture by helping you be even more nimble and productive. Ultimately empower you and your creativity wherever you may be!

– Combined basics
– Subtle
– Amusing

The Power : “No one likes an outlet hogger”


The Power is designed to maximize productivity by minimizing the stress of battery drainage. You no longer have to hunt for wall outlets or worry about your devices dying out on you while working or commuting (or both!). You’ll have a peace of mind and an uninterrupted experience throughout.

Now let’s show you how powerful this really is: 


• Quick charge multiple devices at the same time
• Wirelessly charge your phones and other eligible devices
• 27200 mAh / 60W – large capacity to charge your phones, Nintendo Switch, iPads, speakers, and yes, even laptops!
• Safe charging – eight layers of safety protection
• Certified by FCC, CE, ROHS, UN DOT 38.3
• Modern and slim design makes it portable and beautiful to have out

The Pad : “Unfold the potential”


As the core member of the Co/studio family, the Pad can create multiple work surfaces with its unique folding mechanism. It also pairs with a variety of different components for infinite uses and configurations. And once you’re ready to hit the road, you can fold it down slim enough to stash in your backpack.

Let’s take a look at a few different ways you can use The Pad:


• Fold: becomes handheld
• Unfold: workstation that fits a 13” – 15” size laptop
• Space divider: establish your personal space within a space
• Smart stand: create multiple configuration for laptops, books, phones, and tablets.
• Base: pairs with other co/studio items in various scenarios and enables you to better utilize your space.

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