Ciro is a composter that harmoniously blends into your home


Ciro is a composting solution that uses enzymes to process food leftovers into fertilizer within 24 hours without any bad odor. Ciro goes beyond the consumption and discharge of food in our lives. It helps to improve our social responsibility within the chain of eco-circulation by encouraging the composting of food waste and returning it to nature without compromising our lifestyle.

Food for thought


Food, clothing and shelter are some of our most basic essential needs.While clothing and shelter can be made eco-friendly and recyclable, food is produced, consumed, and inevitably discard is produced in our daily lives. Unless you have your own garden to compost, you can’t help food discard from being thrown away and disposed of as garbage. As a result, food waste is the number one waste taking up landfill space, more than paper or plastic.

We all feel the need to compost but are often reluctant to do so. One of several hindrances involves the environment in which we live. We may think it is not suitable for our living environment and cannot handle all the displeasing factors that come with it. What if we could solve this?

Flower bud

Social responsibility in the chain of eco-circulation is comparable to natural circulation which is the process that starts with seeds being planted in soil, growing stems, opening buds, and blossoming flowers.

  • warmth 
  • clean 
  • subtle

Subtle transition


Ciro is inspired by the buds and expressed by the shape in design. The whole silhouette is divided into the upper and lower parts of the buds. The round and upper part of the bud is translated into a cylinder and the angular and lower part of the bud is simplified into a polygonal, which focuses on connecting the two parts in harmony.

Enzymes Composting


Easy to use and odor-free, Ciro turns your food scraps into valuable compost by using enzymes. Metal ion oxidation system, UV light and a carbon filter keep any unwanted smells away.


The method of using enzymes works by activating enzymes with continuous activity. The wings in Ciro rotates 360 degrees continuously at low power (60w) and rotates enzymes. This way, the food is decomposed within 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Motion Sensor


When it comes to the lid, it opens automatically with motion sensor for user convenience.

calm in the dark

Ciro can enhance the atmosphere in the house beyond its function. The calm mood light gives the visual comfort of the house at any time, even at late hours.

bursting bud

The shape of the ventilation pattern is not just responsible for releasing of heat, but also integrated into the design aesthetic. It is shaped to remind the user of a flower bud.

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